Communauté à Coxsackie

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In 1998, one of our sisters drove down the hill looking for a laundromat.  Instead she found the quaint lower village of Coxsackie and its centerpiece, a third-story brick opera house from the late 1800's.  This building, called the Dolan Block, would be center of a new community of believers.  Over the next decade, we fixed up many of the buildings in town and started businesses, like the Mate Factor and the Simon the Tanner shoes and clothing store.  A fire came in 2003, and many of the local people came to help us afterwards, and we were so thankful for the friends we had made.  In 2009, we made a mistake, closed down our community and sent them other communities, and almost sold the buildings.  In the fall of 2015, we realized our mistake and sent people back to start a restaurant down by the Hudson River again.  We also want to have meetings and make friends.  The life of the early church is back on the earth again, and once again, there is a place where people can obey the commandments of the Son of God and live entirely for Him.  We think there are others who want to do the will of God -- maybe it's even you!  We hope you will come get to know us.. We love you.



20 South River St.
Coxsackie, NY 12051
Téléphone: (518) 731-7002