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Our community in Irún could be compared to treasures hidden in the field... Actually, we didn't purposely look for such a difficult place to find. We like to be in easily accessible locations, but for the moment, this is what we have and we are very grateful, because truly, the Caserío that we inhabit in Irún (Guipúzcoa), is a healthy and beautiful place, where we can live a peaceful life.

Single people, families, children, old and young, share our lives together in unity and harmony; in an atmosphere of order, respect and human warmth. Despite the great activity in the community, the most important for us is that each person may have all his needs met and none would be lonely or alienated... We all use our abilities and gifting to build each other up. We share our good times and bad times. We are growing to be true friends that love at all times and never let each other down. One of our greatest goals is to turn our hearts to our children and raise them up in the ways of our God. We honor the Marriage Covenant and make our living by the sweat of our brow. From our free will we serve one another and all we do, we do it from our hearts, motivated by our desire to do God's will and do good to others. Our example is Yahshua the Messiah!

Each person's interest in our community is intent on the welfare of his neighbors; this is a source of enormous satisfaction. That's why among us nobody is underprivileged, full of complexes or bored! The community that the Son of God came to establish on the earth, according to the pattern described in the book of the Acts of the Apostles, is just the right place for healing and restoration of human relationships and individuals in all aspects of their beings. It is a new Kingdom. A new Social Order where barriers of age, sex, education, status, etc... are broken down.



Caserio Barracas 88
Irún 20305
Téléphone: (34) 943-632316