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Bear Creek Farm sits as a latent treasure in a surrounding of large cornfields, farmhouses, railroad tracks, auto dealers and mechanic's shops. A stone's throw away trucks rush down busy highways while billboards cry out for attention from above. But if you were to come and turn in our driveway, the little creek catches would catch your eye. Like a little child excited to see his parents after an absence, it sparkles and bubbles like it can hardly can contain its joy that the sons of God have finally came to make a home by it.
We too can hardly contain our joy that our Father in Heaven has a community in the Great Lakes area, located near a plethora of universities and a number of large cites. Perched on a grassy hill is our main house. Then the driveway slopes and the carriage house comes into view. It was turned into a bed and breakfast, then a photography studio. And now it is bedrooms for many families, with the hope of having a commercial kitchen in the walkout basement with a picturesque view of the creek and the large oak trees. The barn, though a little tired and withered, has the potential to house the many animals we will have. With the stately silo by its side stands the perky red chicken coop. The stone walls run through the property. All with the charm of an era gone by, a simpler time. When people worked hard and took care of their neighbors. The land stretches out past a grove of fir spruce trees past a tangled mess of overgrown fields and neglected trees. The main house is warm by the crackling fire and alive with the voices and laughter of our fledgling community taking our meals together. We sit on coolers around the dining room table. We are so excited to be here and to meeting all of the wonderful people in this area.



15230 C-Drive North
Marshall, MI 49068
Téléphone: 269-558-8152