Maté Factor à Ithaca

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Like many of our communities, we have opened a warm, relaxing café, here located on the Ithaca Commons, an outdoor pedestrian mall right in the center of town. The old “Home Dairy” building is home to our café, also called The Maté Factor where we promote our favorite beverage, serving it in many of its various forms. Here, the love and unity between us can be seen while we serve up espresso drinks, Maté lattés, smoothies, wholesome salads, sandwiches, and wraps. In this inviting atmosphere, we interact with the local community, and introduce them to our emerging culture.

We have made many friends here in town, especially through our café. We warmly invite them, as well as you, to our Erev Shabbat celebrations. On Friday evenings, we gather in our home at 6pm to celebrate the Sabbath with our cultural expression in song and Israeli folk dancing, spontaneous expressions from our hearts, and a wonderful candlelit meal together. We also hold an open discussion “Rap Session” in our café on Sunday nights at 8pm. We would love for you to come for a day or to stay.



143 East State Street
Ithaca, NY 14850-5543
Téléphone: (607) 256-2056