Mount Sentinel Village Farm à Nelson

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In the fall of the year 2000 we found a wonderful little house nestled into the hillside of the town of Nelson. We had come to understand after many trips to the Nelson area that there was a need for a place that offered hospitality and made a home for the lonely. Hence here we are, a small beginning — and people are already coming around to visit. In time this house will become a small café serving from a simple menu and offering that same hospitality. Upstairs we will offer drinks and snacks in a comfortable living-room setting.

We can see all around us wonderful people who are striving to get connected to one another. Since the sixties and even before, communities have been springing up all through these beautiful mountains and valleys. However most have failed to achieve the connections they so desperately wanted. All is not lost... it is our hope that these mountains and valleys will come alive with these same people coming into a life that will satisfy their deepest desires.

Our vision is to establish a community of one or two houses along with a café and bakery here in town. Then we will be looking to the surrounding countryside to develop alternative housing and produce good organic foods. In time we expect this life to spread to other locations throughout British Columbia.

Come visit us!



2915 Highway 3a
South Slocan (Nelson), BC V1L4E2
Téléphone: (250) 359-6847